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Clophas/Alphaeus would have wed Mary and produced the four brothers of Jesus; James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon (Mark 6:3).

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Discuss the basic issues involved in the various theories about James and the brothers of Jesus, with particular emphasis on James himself-who were they, who was their mother, who was their father, what relation might they have had to the Twelve, and what sense can one make of the multiple persons named “James” in the N. Many different theories exist pertaining to the brother of Jesus.

Two theories however dominate popular culture, one being the eastern view and the other being west.

Mark 6:3 is the core verse regarding the manes of the four brothers.

Later in Mark 6:4 Jesus says, “prophets are not without honor…except among their own kin.” Taken literally, one can assume the author here is meaning kin as Jesus’ brothers.

The first three are without question different persons. Each seemingly separate reference to a different person is suggested to in fact be the same person.

Number four and five agree with the Clophas/Alphaeus scenario presented earlier (possibly a wink to the reader, sons of Clophas/Alphaeus – “oh yeah him”), guy number six fits in because the brothers of Jesus were James and Joseph, and number eight is clearly a representation of the brother of Jesus.

Whenever the four brothers are listed, James always comes first.

This would imply that he is the oldest, followed by Joseph.

Another possible theory on the bloodlines of each of the brothers has been put forward.

It suggests that Jesus was the result of a physical relationship between Mary and some man other that Joseph (possibly a forced act by a Roman soldier) and then Joseph and Mary were married afterwards.


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