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That part Bryan and a lot of other people have gotten wrong.

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In the 130 years since, paleontologists, geneticists, and physical and cultural anthropologists have amassed a much greater collection of physical evidence that has made the case for human evolution a much more compelling one.

In this section, I present a summary of some of that evidence (leaving aside arguments from the new disciplines of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology) for a common lineage of hominids and other primates.

Can an evolving humanity be said to bear the image of God? When Charles Darwin published the first edition of The Descent of Man in 1871, he already had an expectantly waiting audience.

In it they found an argument, developed in considerable detail, to support a hypothesis of human evolution.

In the first I survey briefly the empirical evidence for human evolution from the primate lineage, based upon physical anthropology, genetics, and radioactive dating.

In the second I reflect upon the implications of these scientific discoveries for theology and biblical interpretation.William Howells, selecting 28 recent papers by most of the authorities in the field of human evolution, focuses on a period of rapid, major development, including episodes like the Piltdown fraud and discoveries like Australopithecus, Proconsul, and Oreopithecus.These papers deal with basic aspects of evolution and discuss such subjects as man’s pre-human ancestors, early fossil men, and the emergence of modern man (Homo sapiens) along with his relation to Neanderthal Man—a sequence ranging over the full scope of human development.Humans and other primates also share such traits as nails instead of claws, prehensile hands, opposable thumbs, erect postures, increased reliance on vision, identical number of teeth (in apes and humans), relatively large and complex brains, lengthened periods of maturation, and habitation in year-round social groups containing members of both sexes (Poirier and Mc Kee 47-48).In the late 20 century, advances in genetic research have provided direct evidence for genealogical relationships and have bolstered the evidence based on anatomical similarities.Especially, God created a first couple, Adam and Eve, superior to all other forms of life in that they bear the divine "image and likeness." So, human evolution raises serious issues of faith for many Christians about the historicity of Adam and the claim that humans bear the image of God.To address these issues, I divide this essay into two parts. Schneider In the speech he sought to read into the court record following the verdict in the Scopes "Monkey" Trial of 1925, creationist champion and trial prosecutor William Jennings Bryan restated Charles Darwin's arguments for human evolution set out in the 1874 edition of The Descent of Man, and proceeded to challenge them.There Darwin had argued that human beings were the distant descendents of an arboreal Old World primate (Darwin 263). So many people said then, and still say, that they cannot accept the notion that they are descended from apes or monkeys.Harvard University Press has partnered with De Gruyter to make available for sale worldwide virtually all in-copyright HUP books that had become unavailable since their original publication.The 2,800 titles in the “e-ditions” program can be purchased individually as PDF e Books or as hardcover reprint (“print-on-demand”) editions via the “Available from De Gruyter” link above.


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