Essays On Genetically Modified Crops And Food Security

GMO topics are popular nowadays and students often choose them to write their paper.If you need to write a paper about GMOs, the great benefits will be to read through our lists of ideas.As a result, there is an acute need to intensify agricultural productivity, while at the same time decreasing the deleterious impact of agriculture on biodiversity and the services provided by complex ecosystems [7].

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In the present overview, I take a historical glance at how humans supported such extraordinary population growth first through the invention of agriculture and more recently through the rapid deployment of scientific and technological advances in agriculture.

I then identify future challenges posed by continued population growth and climate warming on a finite planet.

During the food price crisis of 2008, there were food riots in more than 30 countries.

Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa tracks with the price of food, as is dramatically illustrated in Fig. Spiraling food prices drive the world’s poorest into chronic hunger even in a world of relative plenty.

Current yield growth trends are simply insufficient to keep up with growing demand [5].

As well, the rapid expansion of agriculture over the past century to feed today’s population has had a devastating impact on biodiversity [6].

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We began to shape plants and animals to our own advantage and settled down to grow and herd them [8].

The process by which we have modified plants and animals to suit our needs, traditionally called “domestication,” is a process of genetic modification [9].


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