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It is easy to use gender to sell products because for something to be appealing it must appeal to one group or the other and it is easiest and the broadest thing in our society to differentiate between men and women.In Barrie Thornes article she continuously discusses the idea that girls and boys live in two separate spheres.

C H A P T E R 7 Gender and Advertising How Gender Shapes Meaning The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl.” —Shirley Chisholm Men are dogs and women are cats. Writers, filmmakers, psychologists, and advertisers all have used the idea that men and women are different to develop stories, create conflict, and provide persuasive imagery.

Not only do advertisers view men and women differently, but men and women also bring different perspectives to advertising.

A question that comes to mind when viewing this image is—who is this ad really geared towards?

It would be assumed that a makeup ad would be created to attract females, so why would it need to be sexual? of 77%, with females only making on average of 77% what a male makes.

One difference involves the actual creation of meaning from a given advertisement.

Men look directly at the primary message of a given advertisement (e.g., “buy this beer”).This is one of the main reasons for advertising and gender to be so closely linked to one another.In society there are many ways to identify with being male or female.In advertising they are constantly communicating through gender messages to sell their product.The product can be as feminine as a woman's bra or as masculine as mans underwear or something so neutral (meaning either gender can benefit from the product) like cigarettes or alcohol but the advertisers always use gender messages to identify with their target audience.89 90 CONTROVERSIES IN CONTEMPORARY ADVERTISING In addition to their changing roles in the labor force and in the family, women have also increased their power as consumers.Today, women wield incredible buying power: They purchase or influence the purchase of 85% of all consumer goods, including 91% of all new homes and 65% of all cars (“Marketing to Women Quick Facts,” 2011).It is quite evident that gender, sexuality and advertising are all directly linked with one another.The construction of gender, which is where a girl learns to be a girl and where a boy learns to be a boy depending on what society has taught us about each of the genders is concurrent with the construction of the consumer, which is what a female should be wanting to buy to increase her femininity and what a male should be wanting to buy to increase his masculinity.One way we identify with being part of the two genders is through materialistic items.We buy what society has taught us will make us a man or a woman.


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