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In 1940 Fulgencio Batista was himself elected as the president in a democratic elections and his administration would later undertake far reaching reforms in every sector that made him very popular.

However, even his administration did not last for long and over the next 15 years three other leaders become the presidents of the Caribbean country.

Nevertheless, in 1930 Machado himself was overthrown and forced into exile by the army and Manuel de Céspedes was made the republic’s president.

Several years later in 1933, Cespedes was overthrown in another coup that lasted for more than three months that saw yet another person Carlos Mendieta appointed as the president by Fulgencio Batista (

Resulting in literacy levels were low and the standard of health care were of poor standards.

This was due to the untied states of America roots in the mid 19th century The United States of America helped to put down a revolt in Cuba.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the influence of Fidel Castro 53 years rule and the impact of the 1959 Cuban revolution to the modern day Cuba Republic.

The era of dictatorship in Cuba first occurred in the early 1920s with the election of Geraldo Machado who would later suspend the constitution and start ruling by military law (

United states of American companies invested heavily in the country.

The arrival of so many wealthy Americans led to a rapid increase in the value of properties in addition the increase in the number of luxuries in bars, restaurants and fashion outlet.


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