Essays On Earthquake In Haiti

This paper gives a description of the earthquake as well as the geology of Haiti.

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This earthquake did not only destroy buildings but effected everyone living in Haiti, people visiting Haiti and even those in other countries.

Previous earthquakes have led many to move to Port au Prince, a very popular capital.

The demoralizing earthquake has also affected the clean water supply in Haiti.

Because of the flooding the water has been contaminated and the outbreak of cholera is at a very high possibility cause a lot of people to become sick and in need of aid.

The government is unable to provide his country with enough money and supplies due to not having the skills to do so.

Looking at the chart Haiti has had to put up with a large amount of the consequences from the earthquake however previous earthquakes have had quick recovery in the United States.However, as a result of Haiti having road problems it had been very hard to receive medial help therefore more deaths ad occurred of injuries such as broken limbs.Rescue was provided from all around the world because people were correctly certain that Haiti were not going to be able to recuperate on their own.It discusses further the Tsunami it triggered that brought about a lot of negative effects.The paper analyses the destruction caused on infrastructure as a result of the Earthquake and the conditions that were experienced after the Earthquake.Why were so many people killed in the Haiti earthquake of 2010?On the 12th of January 2010 at local time, a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake had struck near Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti.Haiti being the poorest country in the whole of the western hemisphere has principally impacted the recuperation from the earthquake in 2010.Due to poor government situations Haiti is in an extremely difficult economical situation.In the longer term there are still many missing, injured and homeless in Haiti.This sample paper on History Sample Essay on 2010 Haiti Earthquake)was uploaded by one our contributors and does not necessarily reflect how our professionals write our papers.


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