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In 1995, DUF data collected from male arrestees in twenty-three cities showed that the percentage testing positive for any drug ranged from 51 percent to 83 percent.

Female arrestees ranged from 41 percent to 84 percent.

Worst of all, the crime rate will sky rocket if we let this behavior continue.

Illegal drugs and their abusers are a plague to society for many different reasons.

Marijuana gives a slight buzzing feeling of light-headedness.

Experimentation with marijuana is dangerous because studies show that 60% of people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis move on to try harder drugs soon after.

Heroin is the most addictive dangerous illegal drug on the streets. It affects the hygiene and personal appearance of the user a great deal, because nothing is as important to the user anymore as where that next hit will come from. It causes great euphoria, but also nausea and vomiting.

Like any street drug, its user does not know what potency he is getting from batch to batch.

Therefore, there is always the risk that he will overdose and die.

Withdrawal from heroin can cause severe illness and death. Drug addicts need money to support their habits, and all users, addicts or casual users, are careless and reckless when under the influence.


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