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Content-wise, it’s a long, but rich and rewarding list.

Let’s begin with a three-parter, commissioned by Medium and produced by Everyday Incarceration and Vantage.

Smith gives a few pats to “Fat Albert’s” head and then holds out “Thumper” as visitors pet the his soft fur.

Photo: Kim Raff Brandon Tauszik’s survey of one year of homicides in Oakland, California, continues to be a poignant reflection on crime — that which takes lives and tears at communities.

In one dispatch he talks to Anthony Ponder who was once a prisoner and now volunteers and cuts the hair of newly-released prisoners at a local church each Sunday.

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Canning greens at a canning factory at which the workers are prisoners of the State of Georgia. Only about the day that passed, and the day that will come…

I reflected on some maddened drawings by Ernest Jerome De France from within the belly of the California prison system.“It is important for photography and photojournalism to be a component of the kind of work we’re trying to do […] We don’t really know what prisons and jails look like.

We don’t know what the people inside them look like.

You know, they’re nothing but detriments to society.’ Well, I’ll tell ya, it’s saving my life.

I’m hoping within six months to have a new hip put in, and go back to work, do some part-time painting work.


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