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There are three types of punishment used by the government and the police. The first one is called the deterrence, and it includes the restraining the offender and potential offenders from holding such actions in the future thus showing others that it is better not to get involved in such activities due to the future consequences such as fine or even the incarceration. The person is treated in such way that can make them respect the laws and motivate them to obey them. This means that the offenders are exposed to the same action as they committed that make them understand the cruelty of their actions. Moraro, Piero “Violent Civil Dosobedience and Willingness to Accept Punishment”. You will find information on over 200 books on this website - books that relate to the themes of the site: knowledge, learning, creativity, innovation and personal development.

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The fourth protest called “Dismantling unwanted enterprises” was held in France.

The people, who were against the genetically modified and junk food, started to demolish the buildings constructed by the company Mc Donald’s, to prevent its development in the country (Seymour 2012).

The second campaign called “Extremadura” took place in Spain in 1936 year during the election campaign.

The landlessness was such an acute problem in the country that peasants started to seizure the land lots without waiting for the decision from the new authorities.

Civil disobedience is a form of not obeying the law as a protest against the laws that do not have any common sense and prevent people from having a comfortable life and freedom.

Unfortunately, the authorities often do not think how the adopted laws will affect the ordinary people’s lives and to which consequences this can lead.

Such type can also include ignoring the elections by not voting or refusing to pay taxes being not satisfied with the authorities.

There are some ways the labors use to resist against the laws or terms with which they do not agree.

The civil disobedience is not an evil act until it is harmful and aggressive.

However, as the history shows, people always suffered from the consequences afterward regardless of the means they chose to rebel.


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