Essays On Ceremony By Leslie Marmon Silko

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According to the Ceremony, the word story refers to factors that contribute to identification of a story.

A story can be eitherreal or fictitious, contains realistic situations or fantasy.

From the novel, it is true that from stories told by other people, Silko’s story in the novel shows to be extra ordinary because it resulted to major changes, which changed the modern World.

In addition to that, it shows that stories are capable of curing as they create rituals and formalities, which enhance individual and community healing (Domina 9).

Here, it comes to recognition that a shared story through two persons creates a sense of community between them because they both understood why people were gossiping their family.

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Before the end of this narrative in the novel, Tayo’s grandmother tells two ceremonial poems.This happens after showing a story on how Pinkie died in Emo’s hands and she got bored because she had repeatedly heard that story.She says, “It seems like I already heard these stories before”….“Only thing is the names sound different” (Silko 260).This means how different people usually narrate the same story to her (Domina 10) In the novel Ceremony, storytelling enhances the quality of the narrative.Therefore, a story provides the narrator or writer with freedom to explore any type of genre around the world.The novel Ceremony backs this concept because it has all forms of freedom in telling its stories (Walther 3). We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.As seen in the novel Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko tells a story about Tayo who is the main character in the novel.Finally, Old Betonie applies different rituals to ensure that the Native American ceremonies give Tayo peace (Silko 2).In Ceremony, different forms happen and Tayo participates in each one, which acts as a manner of getting him back with his Native American culture.


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