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For those entering into agriculture as a career, once you have chosen this as a major it would be wise to choose such related subjects as chemistry, nutrition, biology and any environmental options your college or university might offer.With an undergraduate degree, you can manage farms and ranches, fisheries and forests, work with soil conservation or many other “outdoors” options.

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It was a period of massive selective cross-breeding, particularly in animal livestock, and systems of organisation.

In some areas of Europe, we can see the remnants of the agricultural system today in the form of medieval ridge and furrow strip farming.

Before organised agriculture, it is believed that the food supply could provide for just 4 million people globally (21).

Even as technology changes, agriculture adapts and could never become obsolete - even in a time when it might conceivably be vastly different from what it might have been at the dawn of agriculture.

It was here at the birth of modern civilization that we saw true large-scale animal and plant agriculture (10).

Technology may not have advanced a great deal, but the processes made agriculture efficient enough to sustain the empire's large cities, making it a necessary industry.This means that people lived a nomadic lifestyle, moving with the seasons to follow the food supply.As the glaciers retreated and plant life patterns and growth areas changed in response, it meant that the need to move so often became slightly less essential - though undoubtedly the lifestyle carried on for thousands of years as people sought to maximize their resource acquisition (4, p574-5).In turn, these drove the first written laws and led to the development of complex societies.From this point of view, agriculture drives civilisation: including religious practices, social attitudes and legal codes.In most cases, an undergraduate degree should be enough to find good employment and students in the US taking an undergraduate degree have a distinct advantage over other countries due to the size of the industry here.There remains a shortage of agriculture graduates too, so it should not be difficult to find gainful employment.Their civilization and indeed their religious structure (8), was built around the life-giving nature of the River Nile and the kingdom's heavy reliance on the river and delta system (9).Most of Egypt was and still is desert with a few key oases, which means that the agriculture centered on a very small part of the country.For research degrees, for example those related to the environment, genetics and selective breeding, agricultural engineering and technology, an advanced degree is a likely requirement - typically an MS if you want to focus on lab work rather than field work. Agriculture is defined as the cultivation and exploitation of animals, plants (including fungi) and other forms of organic life for human use including food, fiber, medicines, fuel and anything else.It is, and has been since there was an agricultural market, one of the largest employers of people; in the USA today, agriculture represents 20% of the US economy (1).


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