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Borges brought up issues with the infinite, motivation, and exploration of vast knowledge that are still relevant today.

While the race of librarians in the story is dying out, Borges does not want the same fate for thinkers around the world.

He challenges us to take the torch and continue the quest started by these librarians.

Even though most of their searches are seem fruitless, any success would change the world.

Borges returned to the librarian post as director of Argentina’s National Library in 1955, which reinforces the idea that he had a passion for libraries.

Essays Library Babel

As a further testament to his dedication to literature, Borges continued to create works through dictation for decades since his eyesight became so bad that he could not read or write unassisted.

Even though this story was written in the 1940s, the theme of vast information is especially relevant today.

Consider the internet, which can be interpreted as a digital manifestation of Borges’s Library.

Along this journey, they occasionally find more motivation in their imaginations.

The librarians are driven by the idea that the virtually infinite Library can be ordered, by the idea that “the true story of [their] death” exists, and by the idea that these books can be found and understood.


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