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Criticism Of Anne Tyler Essay, Research Paper The Pursuit of True Happiness Anne Tyler has said that she uses the family unit to show ? how they grate against each other, adjust, intrude, and protect themselves from intrusions, give up, and start all over again in the morning,? Life all too often presents challenges, but it is how you handle those challenges that matters.

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He immigrates to America where he pursues a career as a doctor in a very prestigious hospital.

Hassan, upon arriving in America, meets and falls in love with Elizabeth. t seem to follow the directions I would give her in raising their children? Once she takes up residence with Hassan, however, she immediately makes plans to return to Iran to live with her sisters and Babak.

A confrontation occurs with his parents, which results in his departure from home.

Donny is never heard from again, and it can be presumed that he attains the life of freedom that he longed for. Hassan Ardaui finds that living with his family in his native country of Iran is too consistent as well as conventional.

This again enforces the idea that another Anne Tyler character involved this time in a strained marital life seeks escape to better her situation despite what that escape entailed.

Another example of a character who escapes a distressful marital situation is Ali Ardavi in ? In this story, Ali finds himself married to a termagant wife who is constantly nagging him to get a job. s characters, was unhappy in his marriage and thus finds an escape, which allows him to obtain a better personal life.One such character is Samuel Grinstead who appears in Ladder of Years.Sam comes from a very tightly reigned family where the decisions even those concerning his future, are primarily made by the parents.They marry and move into the suburbs where they begin raising their own family. The new world in America and the traditional ways of Mrs. She found it very difficult to step aside and be an observer as her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, raised her family. the reader learns that Bet Blevins sought an escape of her own. Once the couple has a son who is physically handicapped, Avery begins to grow increasingly anxious in the situation until he finally just abandons them altogether.He accomplishes his dream of an escape from Iran and his family. Traditionally, the grandparents play a dominant role in the upbringing of the children, but that is in Iran not America as Mrs. While she thought her happiness would be in the land of the free away from Babak and her other family, the escape would just prove to come full circle until it resulted in her escaping back to the place from which she first fled. Ardaui found herself unhappy in her living arrangements, she was determined to escape and seek solace in a better place to ensure her own contentment. Intent on avoiding her parents and in search of love, which could not be found at home, Bet marries Avery against their wishes. I just wanted to start over, I felt I was ready to live my life and raise a family. Bet, now alone with a disabled son, must seek another escape.Many of the domestic interactions appear to be ridden with tumultuous and agitated feelings that fall along the brink of disaster.Once this occurs, the characters find escape from their situations in pursuit of a better personal life.He often feels that they come down on him too hard and expect too much from him.When he is referred to a tutor due to poor grades he receives in school, the response seems to be a positive one.He felt this thrust into adulthood had robbed him of opportunities in his life. He flees to another town to start over and does indeed become successful.However, a void is still present in his life, and when he returns home, he finds that Pearl has begun anew as well.


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