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The project is actively developed by @christiandoes since April 2019.We constructed a database to aggregate polls and compute winning-probabilities of French elections.

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The rethinking on trade issues is the most significant since the early 1990s....

Some critics are going public with reservations they've long harbored quietly.

And we do all that in python - from the site's infrastructure and database to the data analysis; from the data cleaning to the data vizualisation.

Plus, python being amazing, we automated a big part of that pipeline so that we can focus on the analyses.

Some trade critics are bothered by the disappointing performance of Latin America since it slashed tariffs in the 1980s and 1990s while more protectionist China and Southeast Asia sped ahead.

Others are struck by the widening gap between economic winners and losers around the globe.I was a total beginner in programming and I got this app launched in one year, in big part thanks to the Python for entrepreneurs course. Before the NFL season starts, players choose which teams they think will win each NFL division and which NFL players will lead in five statistical categories.Unlike traditional fantasy football where players have to set a lineup weekly, NFLPool players just make their picks before the season starts and watch it play out.Ralph Gomory, International Business Machines Corp.'s former chief scientist who now heads the Alfred P.Sloan Foundation, says that changing technology and the rise of China and India could make the U. an also-ran if it loses many of its important industries. Blinder in a minority among economists, most of whom emphasize the enormous gains from trade."Like 99% of economists since the days of Adam Smith, I am a free trader down to my toes," he wrote back in 2001. remains an implacable opponent of tariffs and trade barriers.Politicians heeded this advice and, with occasional dissents, steadily dismantled barriers to trade. Blinder has changed his message -- helping lead a growing band of economists and policy makers who say the downsides of trade in today's economy are deeper than they once realized. But now he is saying loudly that a new industrial revolution -- communication technology that allows services to be delivered electronically from afar -- will put as many as 40 million American jobs at risk of being shipped out of the country in the next decade or two.Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson, whose textbook taught generations, damns "economists' over-simple complacencies about globalization" and says rich-country workers aren't always winners from trade.He made that point in a 2004 essay that stunned colleagues.Civil engineers, who have to be on site, could be in great demand in the U. A college diploma, he warns, "may lose its exalted 'silver bullet' status." It isn't how many years one spends in school that will matter, he says, it's choosing to learn the skills for jobs that cannot easily be delivered electronically from afar....Mostly he wants to shock politicians, policy makers and other economists into realizing how big a change is coming and what new sectors it will reach.


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