Essays For Peace Corps Application

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You want to have as many of the desired skills as possible.I chose education, since that’s what I do with my life when I’m not blogging about how much I hate San Francisco.

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Though it’s a volunteer organization, the Peace Corps application and interview process is the same as any job.

But succeeding at each stage can be pretty straightforward if you prepare.

It’s a pretty tall order to learn Swahili in 11 weeks, so be sure you’re really prepared to do that.

The application process is extensive and takes weeks, and expect to wait months to know if you got selected.

You won’t just be asked to identify these experiences, but also follow up questions about how you handled it and what you learned from it. You’ll be sent a confirmation email with details on how to join the chat.

If you’ve reviewed the bullet points from the email carefully, the interview won’t be terribly difficult. Aside from asking you to talk a little bit about yourself and your experience, you’ll be asked about all the things that were outlined in the email.It serves as a test of your ability to handle these challenges but also as a way for you to get valuable information you need to decide if the Peace Corps is right for you.The interview is your chance to ask about everything you want to know from the volunteer stipend to the housing situation in your host country.Many positions, including the one to which I applied to also have a language requirement, which means you already have to speak Spanish, Chinese, etc.Some positions stipulate that you have to achieve a certain level of proficiency during pre-service training.They won’t vary much from the established questions and follow-up questions.During the interview, the interviewer will take notes on your responses.You also have to submit a motivation statement outlining why you want to join the Peace Corps.The essay has to be short and sweet, less than 500 words describing who you are, explaining your desire to volunteer and explaining how you can overcome potential challenges. Immediately, I received several emails outlining other steps.I submitted preferences for three programs in South America based on what was available.At this point, you can also select “Anywhere I Am Needed,” but based on how competitive the Peace Corps can be, I’m not sure if that would help or hurt instead of help your chances.


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