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Be prepared to tell stories illustrating how mature little Todd or Sarah is. That means not showing up for an interview at Sacred Heart wearing Chanel and talking about how important diversity is to you.If you like going to the ballet more than working at a soup kitchen, say so, but shape it positively.

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I also wanted to impress her because every time I did, I would be happily awarded with either a beautiful sticker, or a mouthwatering piece of candy.

For me, this was the beauty of kindergarten, and it couldn’t get any better.

One day, my mom came home and broke some horrible news to me.

She told me that I had to transfer to public school!

But it’s challenging to ask about it at the interview.

Avoid bragging of any kind, and don’t make any claims for your child unless you can absolutely, positively back them up.Don’t ask probing, and possibly sensitive, questions.The proportion of teachers with advanced degrees is an indicator of a school’s commitment to academic excellence, Rowe says.I want to get to know the parents, not have people who are coached.In other words, admissions officers have astute bullshit monitors, says one pre-K director.ERB testers, everyone warns, are trained to spot kids who’ve been prepped, and admissions directors are on the lookout for children whose test scores don’t match up with the teachers’ reports.But the fact is, pre-K intelligence tests are notoriously unreliable measures of intelligencestudies show that who conducts the test and where it takes place can alter performance, scores can swing wildly on retesting, and practicing can result in significant increases in performance. We interviewed 200 families who just completed the application process, and over half reported doing some level of preparation, says Quinn.Ask questions that relate to what each school cares about.For example, Friends cares a lot about creating a community and about community service. Bank Street, which has mixed-age classes, is very concerned that the kindergartners it enrolls can hold their own with the older first-graders.A few years ago, Riverdale’s then-director of admissions told an adviser who asked about the school’s attitude toward kids who might need extra help, We’re not set up to deal with kids like that. You may feel like you’ve established a rapport with the admissions director. One woman ended an interview feeling so good she hugged the admissions director.Sometimes parents end up feeling so comfortable in their interview, they reveal problems that could raise flags, Quinn says.


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