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(Messerli, 2007) Despite the fact that the death sentences were a constant element of society in the past, which actually initiated from lynching and ended in the modern capital punishment and is still applicable in some states the topic of death penalty is one amongst the most fretfully discussed topics in public. "Retribution as Revenge and Retribution as Just Deserts." Social Justice Research 26 (2013): 61-80. Death Penalty All indications are that capital offenses are on the rise and the response to this phenomenon has been a cry to impose capital punishment as retribution. The fact that the murder was not premeditated seemed to also be taken into account. court=va&vol=1000395&invol=1 Gregg v Georgia, 428 U. According to some who believe in God and feel that capital punishment is acceptable under the scriptures, there is one main point, which is that "This is not an issue that may be measured accurately in terms of statistics. These three key points include: the fact that the death penalty is ineffective in efforts of crime prevention; the death penalty is immoral; and the majority of Americans do…… These are issues that further contribute to the injustice of the death penalty for women, particularly in states such as Texas, and particularly in cases where women are innocent like Jacobs or mentally ill like Yates. CONCLUION Women face a wide variety of integrated problems when faced with any sort of conviction, and particularly the death penalty. The ongoing debate on whether the death penalty should be retained or abolished concerns itself with the issue of justice from differing perspectives. Those inmates who cannot afford to fight a good appeal are the worse off of all. During those 17 years, Cynthia Barlieb's family was forced to repeatedly relive her murder. However, several conditions must be met for the fear of death to act as a deterrent. Here, they argue that through the long-term imprisonment of criminals, who would have otherwise been on death row, the government wastes funds which should ideally be used for other more worthy needs including but not……

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Mc Cord, D., and Latzer, B., (2010) Death Penalty Cases, Leading U. Supreme Court Cases on Capital Punishment, Butterworth-Heinemann; 3 edition, 400- 410. Since 1976 when capital punishment was reinstated in the United States one of the reigning…… This paper explores the Supreme Court cases exploring this controversial topic and discusses the evolution of jurisprudence on the subject matter.

Messerli, J., (2007) "Should The Death Penalty Be Banned as a Form of Punishment " Balanced Politics . Death Penalty as Retribution The Retributive Nature of the Death Penalty The peaceful fabric of society is torn whenever a crime is committed. [Read More] References Blecker, R., Kirchmeier, J., Erlbaum, W., Drehle, D. Much of the legal support or opposition for the use of the death penalty has been at the state level.

Capital Punishment is a social controversy that epitomizes the axiom "an eye for an eye." In the United States there are 38 states that utilize the death penalty, and usually for select crimes, including treason, and mass murder. 38 (1990), the Court used that decision to bolster Louisiana's attempts to forcibly medicate a prisoner in order to make him death-eligible. In many cases, this justification is not valid as it leads to more crime and higher taxes for the society.

Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1992, and Bedau and Radelet, "Miscarriages of Justice in Potentially Capital Cases." Stanford Law Review 40 (1987): 21-179) Capital Punishment: Does it Reduce Crime? Rethinking competency to stand trial in light of the synthetically sane insanity defense. But, are they really justified in opposing the death penalty? [Read More] References Aguirre, a., Jr., & Baker, D.

Capital Punishment, the American Conscience, and the End of Executions, Harper Perennial, 200- 250. It is a charged moral issue that regularly invokes heated debates both for and against the death penalty. The death penalty is also extremely costly even though it would seem that killing a convict costs less than feeding one.…… Since that time, the death penalty has been a part of the American criminal justice system.

Mandery, E, J., (2011) Capital Punishment: A Balanced Examination, Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2 edition, 550- 578. "Capital Punishment: Deterrent Effects & Capital Costs." Columbia Law School, Columbia University. Since the inception of executions, ethicists have used religion, emotion and practicality as the basis for their arguments. Rethinking the Death Penalty: Can We Define Who Deserves Death? However, its use has not been without strong opposition.

As has been shown, not only does the death penalty lack any kind…… Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics, 1(1), 12-15. A lot of people consider death penalty as an immoral, or an unreasonable punishment. Tessie Hutchinson and the American System of Capital Punishment" 59 Maryland Law Review 553. In cases such as Furman v Georgia the arbitrary nature of the case was taken into account. They do not take their chances of being caught and subjected to capital punishment seriously enough to be frightened by the penalty like many assume they will be (van den Haag, 2001). Social Conflict Theory and the Death Penalty Social conflict theory typically connects deviant behaviors with power. The following discussion will highlight three facets of the powerful argument against the use of the death penalty. According to Dreyfuss (2003), women convicted of murder specifically face issues such as prosecutors who ignore mitigating circumstances, self-defence, abuse, and mental illness in seeking the death penalty. Further, and more important, imposing the death penalty plays a pivotal role in society being able to uphold the values of justice, innocence, and social well being. The appeals of death row inmates sometimes never get heard. The original trial and all the subsequent appeals forced Barlieb's family, including four young daughters, to spend 17 years in the legal process - her oldest daughter was 8 years old when Cynthia was first shot, and 25 when the process ended without a death sentence (Pompelio 2005). In the case of an intentional murder, the death penalty may deter the action. In recognition of opposing views, it is important to note that over time, those in support of capital punishment have often cited cost considerations.

The death penalty methods of punishments were actually brought in from Great Britain to the United States of America, and there were any number of methods of execution, like for example guillotine, burning at a stake, or impalement. For this reason, many states, most of which are in the northern parts of the country are against capital punishment, while many southern states support this kind of a law. The research focused on the cases of Furman v Georgia, Woodson v. It is pivotal because "injustice" not only can have "a corrosive effect" on the perception of the fairness (or unfairness) of the criminal justice system; it may actually "contribute to increased crime." The rationale behind Ruddell's study is partly sociological and partly philosophical: when ethnic minority groups "increase in number and size, they also contest the status quo," and become a "threat." As the minority group grows, so do perceived threats to the economic and social structure of the majority increase, and hence "minority communities are likely to be policed more aggressively," Ruddell continues. Death by Discretion: Who Decides Who Lives and Dies in the United States of America? Against Capital Punishment the Anti-Death Penalty Movement in America, 1972-1994 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1996) Langan, John. Most juries still consist of all white members in many places (Freedman). Media Central, Inc.: PRIMEDIA Company, November 1, 2001 Easterbrook, Gregg. Florida: New Republic, July 21, 2003 Freedman, Eric. USA today: Society for the Advancement of Education, March 1997 Goldberg, Steven. National Review: National Review, Inc., June 30, 1989 Functional Theory Approach to Death penalty The functional theory approach to the death penalty is the longest standing explanation for why the death penalty works. The functionalist theoretical approach suggest that death penalty serves a certain function, that is, deterring crime (Weisberg, 2003; Gamson, 1988). Unfortunately this theory is somewhat debunk, as there is little hard evidence supporting the notion that the death penalty successfully deters crime. "Racial prejudice and the death penalty: A research note." Social Justice, 20(1-2): 150 Blumer, H. [Read More] References "Death penalty for minors: Cruel and unusual." (September 27, 2004). Death Penalty Whether or not the death penalty should be utilized as a punishment for serious crimes is a contentious issue, one that is hotly debated throughout the world. "Poll Shows Growing Support for Alternatives to the Death Penalty; Capital Punishment Ranked Lowest Among Budget Priorities." PR Newswire 16 November 2010. [Read More] Death Penalty Society's primary responsibility lies in working towards assuring the physical and psychological well-being of its honest and upright citizens. 29, 2004: The most notable provision of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution is the prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishments.” Several arguments waged against the death penalty invoke the Eighth Amendment and claim that capital punishment is both cruel and unusual. Therefore, the death penalty is not a violation of the Eighth Amendment, as long as it is restricted for use in response to capital crimes unequivocally committed by mentally capable adults. [Read More] Tonry's book is a detailed and comprehensive look at racial disparity in the U. In the work he discusses how many experts have convened over the years to determine that there is no reason to believe that capital punishment is more of a deterrent to violent crime that life sentences and yet the U. government is still alone among all Western nations to retain its legality. He is also very effective at providing a relatively balanced look at just why in a social, political and legal sense that capital punishment exists today and especially at the manner in which it is applied, including an extensive look at why the appeals process is so vast and strict. However, the reasons why people commit crime are as different as the individuals themselves. The first is the carefully plotted, well thought out, planned act. The person must feel that they will gain some type of value from the action. [Read More] Bibliography 1) James Fieser, "Capital Punishment," Accessed on 3rd June 2007, available at Dudley Sharp, "Death Penalty as a Deterrent," Accessed on 3rd June 2007, available at Kenneth Cauthen, " Capital Punishment," Accessed on 3rd June 2007, Available at, is important to note that though the victim's family also does suffer, the accused could be somebody's mother, father, spouse or even best friend.

Discouraging whistleblowing allows white collar crime to flourish. Rob Perez claims that whistleblowers suffer consequences including social isolation that may outweigh the impact of their courageous deeds.

Whistleblowers should be encouraged to come forward because they ensure a more ethical society.


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