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They do this by strategically using interesting and informative writing.

This essay will show how authors use interesting and informative writing by reviewing four selected pieces of prose: Sherwood Anderson's Hands, James Joyce's Araby, Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants, and Toni Cade Bambara's The Lesson.

Hemingway's choppy Hills LIke White Elephants leaves much to be desired.

It takes the reader teh entire length of the story to half-way figure out what the subject is.

Joyce is not the easiest author to understand; his wordiness and abstract views complicate his story structure.

Injustice Essay - Essays By Hemingway

Joyce does, although, have excellent sensory details and uses down to earth colloquialism that make this piece very interesting.

If The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber is a true indication of Ernest Hemingway's worldview, he believed in a male-centered world in which notions of cowardice and manliness were tied to violence and bravery, in which women were desirable but contemptible, and in which male-female relationships should be controlled by men A brief biography of Hemingway's life sheds some light on his worldview. And his own life was as exciting as the stories told in his books. He admits to having "different ways of occupying" (Hemingway 276) himself while he lies awake with the most amusing thing is remembering a trout stream he fished when he was a boy. Of course, she must also face the psychological damage that an abortion would have on her. Lieutenant Henry is in the War, but his attitude is purely that of a spectator, refusing to be involved. He does not have to deal with the emotional aspect of abortion, so he can say things like, "It's not really an operation at all" (Hills Like hite Elephants 1391). Despite this, society, which the reader seems to become a part of, simply sees her as being "the fat girl." Thus, the alienation of Louise starts from the mere title of the story. In "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" the older waiter takes the old man's side when the younger waiter casts aspersions on the old man's lack of sexual prowess -- because, it is implied that he also lives alone in similar depression and isolation.

Ernest Hemingway was raised by a mother who exposed him to the Arts and by a doctor-father who was a rugged man and taught…… He was a volunteer ambulance driver in the First World War, involved in the Spanish Civil War of the 1930's, traveled extensively throughout the world, and wrote about it all. On some nights, he makes up streams, some of which were "very exciting, and it was like being awake and dreaming" (277). Anything Goes: A Biography of the Roaring Twenties. However, she knows that if she does not have the abortion, the life she has enjoyed with her boyfriend will be destroyed and he will probably leave her. Insurgents in Fresh Drive on Malaga as Diplomats Run into Trouble in Arranging for Blockade. He is leading a private life as an isolated individual." Penn Warren (1985, p. The nameless man is selfish and a liar because he tries to convince Jig "It's really not anything. Frank the bartender tells the story of Blindy's final fight. "Indian Camp." In Ernest Hemingway: The Short Stories. Ernest Hemingway There are a number of websites, books and articles on the life, experiences, and writings of Ernest Hemingway that depict the man as a womanizer, sometimes heavy drinker, and ultimately the tragic victim of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

This emotional story would have been much more interesting and easier to follow if Hemingway decided to give his readers more hints that pointed to the subject of abortion.

Joyce's passionate Araby is a pleasant reading experience.


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