Essays Against Vaccinations

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The overall result of these two kinds of adaptive immunity is that the body is prepared to defeat a recognized pathogen.

Vaccination takes advantage of this without actually giving the patient a disease — so, for instance, when a vaccinated child is exposed to measles, his immune system takes care of the pathogens before they can cause the disease. Chemicals like formaldehyde inactivate the viruses or bacteria, rendering them unable to replicate but leaving their surface proteins intact so that the immune system can recognize them.

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The problem with low vaccination rates is that they disrupt herd immunity: vaccinating a sufficient number of individuals helps reduce the chances for a disease to spread through a population.

This means that even people who are not immune to the infection — including those who are not vaccinated as well as those for whom vaccinations do not provide complete immunity — are less likely to be infected if those around them are protected.In the first of these, called the antibody response, pathogens invading the body stimulate some specialized white blood cells called B-cells to produce antibodies, which are proteins that recognize and bind to specific structures on the surfaces of viruses or bacteria.When antibodies tag these pathogens, other white blood cells identify and destroy the invaders.The second kind of adaptive immunity is the cell-mediated response.During an infection, another kind of white blood cell, the killer T-cell, attacks the intruders.To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.This will help us not to bemoan, accuse, or fight but to educate, persuade, and vaccinate.efore considering the vaccine critics themselves, a brief overview of how vaccines work is in order.For example, in a recent article in the journal Pediatrics, researchers studying the effects of different communication strategies reported, somewhat counterintuitively, that giving vaccine-hesitant parents more information about the safety of vaccines, or telling them about the risks of vaccine-preventable disease, whether through scientific information, dramatic narratives, or arresting images, were not effective at persuading them to vaccinate their children.And yet, another recent study in Pediatrics suggests that parents are less likely to vaccinate their children if physicians ask them what they want to do about vaccinations (as opposed to taking a presumptive approach and asserting that the children will receive their shots). Perhaps what is needed is a better understanding of the long history of vaccine critics’ objections, going back to the very origins of vaccination.


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