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Boys and girls alike are part of their environmental conditioning through family heritage, cultural traditions, religious beliefs and historical beliefs.

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Simone de Beauvoir’s example of what a woman that is intelligent can do in life by her straightforward, honest approach may be the stepping stones for other women to fearlessly do the same.

As far back as the 10 century ideas of antifeminism have haunted the women of the world.

The writings in her world renowned book ‘The Second Sex’ written in 1947 give us a historical and cultural lesson of what women have had to overcome to exist as women in a man’s world.

Men and women are both influenced by their conditioning the main difference is that man has been attributed the leading role.

The handful of women that were in the limelight were usually obliterated for witchcraft as in the case of Jeanne D’Arc or publicly ridiculed or at worse martyred.

Women as the lesser sex have been depicted as temptresses from Bible days which at the same time undermined their intelligence.A girl wills repress her own violence because girls don’t do that sort of thing.This violence turns into neurosis which in part is violence unexpressed which comes back to oneself eventually.Times are changing and Simone de Beauvoir has played an important role in our attempt to undo the erroneous programming.Today’s leading ladies have proven their capacities at playing the part.This treating a doll as herself gives her the idea that the substance is the same and therefore she is someone to dress up to cater to, that has an existence because others make her exist.Later on in life she will eventually become that doll thing that sits home waiting for her husband and children to pick her up and do as they please with her.According to Simone De Beauvoir from that point on boys are taught to become little men and they receive less physical contact and affection than their girl counterparts; They are also a product of their conditioning just as we are.This is an important thing to remember throughout this reading.This expression of self that has, in the eyes of the parents, a value becomes what the boy measures himself to other boys with.It’s a tactile indicator of their manliness and gives them the instinct of measurability.


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