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The court may order an expensive and intrusive mental health report to help it make a decision. However, the “best interests” test remains the overarching standard for making child custody determinations.It is fundamentally a moral statement; recognizing our responsibility to try to “do right” by children through an orderly and rational process when parents separate or divorce.In short, a judicial “best interests” custody determination is, in effect, an educated prediction about how parents and children will evolve, not simply a reconstruction and legal interpretation of past events.

Family, friends, or involved parties related to past or current cases involving the Law Firm of Ayo and Iken (and/or The Divorce Center P.

Andrew Schepard is the Max Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Children, Families and the Law at the Maurice A. Read full biography → Parents are essential to raising children.

The parents air accusations and counter accusations about family life.

Each will have to pay a lawyer at a time when family finances are under great stress already because of the need to support two households.

The winning essays shall be published online in a special section of the Ayo & Iken website showing examples of excellent parenting skills.

The scholarship award will be paid directly to each winner, preferably at their high school awards event.Past events are a guide to future parent-child relationships, but do not predetermine them.A parent who stayed home with a child, for example, may have to go back to work after separation and divorce because of financial need and a desire for personal fulfillment.The disputing parents bring their disagreement to a judge who hears evidence and makes a decision about what the child’s post separation and divorce custody arrangements should be.In every state, the overarching principle that the judge uses to evaluate the parent’s competing claims is the “best interests of the child.” This essay is designed to provide a brief introduction to that concept, a place for the reader to begin to formulate his or her own ideas about the usefulness and meaning of the “best interests of the child” standard.Several years after divorce, a teenage child may blossom as a soccer player because of one parent’s coaching and involvement, something that was not evident at the time of the custody determination.One parent may relocate to a community that a child may love or hate.When separating and divorcing parents cannot agree on who should make decisions for their child (e.g., medical care, religion, or schooling), where the child should live, or how much one parent should see the child, they are in dispute over what the legal system has historically called “custody” of a child.The core method by which a court resolves the parents’ dispute is through a traditional litigation model.They love them, make major decisions for them, provide a roof over their heads.They offer emotional, educational, and economic support.


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