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Life philosophy of a person can change periodically based on his/ her life experiences and the knowledge he acquires from the world.In this paper I briefly explain my life philosophy until now with respect to the arguments of Socrates.We’ve adopted and ascribe to several paradigms that we unknowingly buy into, or mindlessly follow, and then when we realize—ten, twenty, thirty years later—that these particular life paths haven’t left us any more satisfied or well-off, we wonder what went wrong.

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)There’s a lot of fear associated with giving up things, but often we find that the relationship of things-to-happiness is not what we assume it will be.

In that sense, our life will continue even after our death; but where and how?

Are these internet explosions good for us or just filling time? A lot of people have trouble answering this question.

I hope it’s not the latter, but as I personally push myself towards more difficult writing, I wonder if what I’m writing is useful, or just another chatter in the conversation. Irvine, in a book I’ve recently picked up, you want out of life? When you ponder this answer, do you consider things or lists (such as a spouse, a family, a good job, money)? We aren’t posed the question that often—imagine if, in an interview a person paused and said: We’re not necessarily a culture designed to stop and think about these questions or spend afternoons wandering together musing over these difficult and long-term perspectives.

We are, as Irvine writes, provided with “an endless stream of distractions” so we “won’t ever have to” think about our “grand goal in living.”And I tweeted about this recently: If you get to age 90 and look back, what will you be happy about? The early schools of philosophy were developed around specific ideas and beliefs about what one should (and shouldn’t) do and become in their lifetimes.

The study and creation of a philosophy of life isn’t crafted in a single day or conversation: it’s something you work towards, specifically, over time; for many Greeks and Romans, they hired tutors and enrolled in studies in order to develop and adopt a philosophy of life.

” that I’ve designed my life around for many years—I wonder. Craving a way of living, and leaders to teach us how to live.

On top of this, I think that many of the structures and institutions that we’ve previously trusted to help us “lead the good life” are failing us.

How have different civilizations throughout different epochs mastered fundamental challenges of life?

The series analyses the basic questions of cultural anthropology.


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