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That idea was eventually written in the textbook, so like the good soldiers that we are, we follow that idea.

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Plagiarism is often unintentional and students may not realize they have accidentally plagiarized.

So how to plagiarise without getting caught based on that, you may ask? Take the letter “e” from Cyrillic and use it instead of your “e.” Just go to the good old Google and look for “Cyrillic e.” Then hit Apple F in the document, which should bring out the “Find” menu.

You will go towards the “find and replace” menu, where you will instruct it to find “e” and replace it with the Cyrillic version of “e.” You can also look up macro.

With this, you can take a plagiarized text and replace with some non-plagiarized mumbo jumbo.

Your teacher will see the copied text while Turnitin will see the other thing.


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