Essay Writing Life Beautiful

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Having looked deeper, you will discover an empty shell instead of beauty.

You will understand how much important it is to have beauty inside and how much seldom you can meet people who have inner and external beauty at the same time.

Faces with the absolute accuracy of the features, beautiful appearance can be egoistic, haughty, fussy or arrogant; they often want to show their superiority over others. However, most people will prefer to talk to a person who has attractive appearance, because we all are attracted by something beautiful.

Later, when you understand that a person is not what you expect, that you take his / hers appearance for the essence, you may be very disappointed.

There are people who say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But everyone knows that the beauty issue concerns women more.

Women’s self-esteem is completely connected to their appearance and attractiveness.Inner beauty of a human or external: what to choose?We used to think that human beauty hides in the eyes.Beauty of physical look does not mean that someone is better than others.The conception of ideal beauty is built on the age-old competition and desire to create visual attractiveness as a means of competition. Of course, physical beauty is important, but fortunately it is not the only thing that a person can give to the world.Think about it: those who suffer from extreme obesity seem attractive to you? Of course, we can not judge without knowing them closer, but one thing is obvious: their appearance pushes you away. Because people, especially women, are very critical about appearance of each other.Besides, people who do not like their body usually have lack of self-respect.However, something that one considers beautiful other person may consider ugly.You can look for the beauty inside in the way how a person presents the beauty aura.So many poets and writers glorified the human beauty.However, people usually talk about external or outer beauty. We decided to write not just essay on beauty, but to make it inner beauty essay. Inner beauty of a human or external: what is more important?


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