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Distraction is a constant these days; supplying it is the business model of some of the world’s most powerful firms.

As economists search for explanations for sagging productivity, some are asking whether the inability to focus for longer than a minute is to blame.

And setting it on vibrate does almost nothing to lessen the distraction.

The researchers theorized that even when you’re not picking up the phone, you certainly notice it when it vibrates or pings.

A feeling of regret is quickly displaced by the urge to see what has happened on Twitter in the past 15 seconds.

Some time after the deadline, the editor asks when exactly to expect the promised copy.

They were about three times more likely to make mistakes, and were substantially more likely to respond extremely quickly, which tends to indicate that someone is distracted and responding reflexively.

Calls were a bit more distracting than texts for the most part.

They found an inverted U-shape pattern associated with multitasking and productivity.

An initial increase in multitasking from the increased use of IT seems to raise productivity.


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