Essay Value Of Trees

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First, the roots of vegetations keep soil intact, preventing erosion.

When vegetation is also present, surface movement of rainwater is slowed down, giving water time to be absorbed into the soil.

Trees can also degrade animal wastes into fertilizers for their own consumption.

When it rains hard vegetation—not only trees—play a great role in preventing floods.

Recent studies show, however, that trees can clean up fuel-contaminated soil and water through a bioremediation called (fancy word, huh? Trees can store pollutants for their own use, or they can change the pollutants into less harmful forms.

In the process of absorbing water, some contaminants will be degraded by the trees for their own use.Trees play a great role in lessening summer’s devastating heat.Studies show that a city area without a tree is a ‘heat island’—with temperature 12 degrees Fahrenheit higher than other areas.Rather than having striking beauty like a flower, trees have are grounded and possess a gentle beauty; they are adapted wildflowers to their environment.In fact, if I had to compare myself to an inanimate object, I would choose a tree. Characteristics like relying on our roots, strength and observation, and helping others and leaving behind a powerful legacy are a few of the traits we share.All of which I believe are admirable qualities to possess.First, a tree begins life as a tiny seed embedded in the Earth, but with time and nourishment it grows. They provide the tree with nutrients in order for it to survive, just as my mother provided me with nutrients and instilled in me skills I use today.A single mature tree can produce as much oxygen in 4 months as two families consume for a year.Without trees we’d all be inhaling what we have just exhaled. It’s because there’s more oxygen in a nearby tree than anywhere else.Concern about the environment has made us conscious of trees. Trees provide people with food, fibres and medicines.Throughout history, people have used wood to make tools, construct buildings and create works of art.


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