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York is best at projecting D’Artagnan’s relative innocence and rash, unthinking heroism, while O’Donnell does well at his idealism.

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Strange as it may seem, our favourite here is a toss-up between the growling Reed and the surprisingly good Kiefer Sutherland, who gets considerable story focus and does the whole noble / tortured thing nicely. He’s more-or-less Athos’ second in the Musketeers, a man who combines a pious nature and philosophical turn with an insatiable appetite for the ladies and elegant style.

Generally, therefore, he’s either found with his nose in a book or his nose in a - um, let’s not finish that thought; this is a family website. Henri d’Aramitz was a real-life Musketeer, but – like the real Athos – was younger than D’Artagnan.

But the real-life version was younger than d’Artagnan, joined the Musketeers after him and died only 3 years later, so it’s fair to say that some dramatic licence was involved. It’s a deceptively difficult role, this, because you can all too easily totter from “tragic hero” into “sullen bastard”.

Both Van Helfin and Reed sometimes teeter on the edge, but generally pull it back, while Mac Fadyen is given almost no chance to speak up at all, in a script which squeezes the Musketeers out to an afterthought and limits his chances to shine.

The novel has been adapted for over sixty films and spin-offs and has sold millions of copies in hundreds...

(read more from the Study Guide) The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas Born in 1802, Alexandre Dumas was the son of Thomas Alexandre Dumas, who took part in the French Revolution of 1789 and rose quickly to the rank of general. Read more Author’s Preface 1.  The three presents of D’ ARTAGNAN the elder 2.  The antechamber of M.The musketeers are bodyguards of the royal household and require certain character traits.D’ Artagnan is the central character of “... D' Artagnan takes these words of his father to heart as he begins his journey in the novel `The...“All for one, and one for all," the motto of the King's Musketeers in the Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, is a slogan that the four main male characters follow in their everyday lives.However, whenever a woman is concerned, each male character attempts to place the woman’s honor above his own, due to the thought that a woman needs more protection than a man does.Privately, each character shares the opinion that women are the weaker gender of the human race.Although not the most prevalent theme in the novel, this theme subtly appears throughout the dialogue of the male characters, in many points throughout the story.Like, three-duels-in-a-day-followed-by-nation-shaking-political-intrigue trouble. Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore, Comte d' Artagnan, joined the Musketeers in 1632 and rose through the ranks, becoming effective Commander of the re-formed Musketeers by 1667 under Louis XIV.He was involved in the arrest and imprisonment of Louis XIV’s notorious finance minister Fouquet, who may have been the real “man in the iron mask”. Gene Kelly’s probably the best looking of the bunch and certainly has the best footwork among the contenders – as you’d expect from a dancer.Overall, York is our favourite – he’s the funniest by quite some distance, but handles tragedy just as well. Athos is the strong, silent leader of this trio, a sort of core group within the Musketeers and, it is implied, the best of the best among their number.Prone to dark moods, quick flashes of temper and drink, he’s also noble, heroic and all that good stuff. Well, he’s sort of loosely connected to Armand d’Athos, who was a friend of the real d’Artagnan and a Musketeer.


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