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It has been so also for terrorists who have more sophisticated technology at their hands to spread destruction and fear. By killing innocents, and striking at public places – soft targets – terrorists try to convey their message whether ideological or not.

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The fact that the Al Jazeera channel of Qatar has had sole access to bin Laden’s interviews has been used to accuse it of being hand in glove with his organization.

Within Japan, terrorist organizations like the JRA and Aum Shinrikyo grew and spread their activities to other nations also.

In 1980s and 1990s religious terrorist groups emerged and multiplied to pose a serious threat not only to US but also to the world community as a whole.

Though the number of terrorist attacks have decreased, their intensity has been quite high in the last decade.

The terrorist groups supported by the US during the Cold War are reverting to religious fanaticism, often in most cases Islamic extremism. Several other terrorist groups other than those based on religion or ideology also exist.

One thing these terrorist groups have in common is anti-Americanism.The whole world faces the menace of international terrorism today.No single country can boast of being immune from international terrorism.Second, terrorism is the best alternative to an openly declared war as it costs less both in terms of money and lives.Third, the distinction between a freedom struggle and terrorism is hard to make.In the present era of globalization, even terrorist groups have gone global, with their widespread networks.Apart from using sophisticated means to carry out their activities communication channels, mass and electronic media are also used by these terrorist organizations to make their presence felt.The September 11 attacks on Pentagon and WTC had a more symbolic significance than a physical one.US hegemony was directly challenged and Japan as an ally of the US could not stand by indifferently.Terrorists now use the latest technology and weapons and are often funded by extensive drug trafficking, and smuggling of arms and other goods.Some areas in Southeast Asia and Latin America are quite infamous for such activities.


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