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They all left their shows feeling exhilarated, not exhausted. Sara Mutal, a parent who teaches an after-school drama program at Arrowhead Elementary in Kenmore, Wash., worked with another parent to start an annual talent show five years ago.She envisioned a showcase, not a contest—which meant no judges, no winners and losers, and no points awarded.

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Morgavi lined up an eclectic mix that included synchronized drumming on water bottles, a play, a hard rock band, an acoustic trio, a karate demonstration set to music, ribbon twirlers, and Hula-Hoopers.

Some kids performed fresh arrangements of their favorite popular songs, playing the tunes on the piano or acoustic guitar.

The next year, with the group’s finances looking bleak, Morgavi pitched the idea again as a fundraiser.

She noted a nearby school’s success in holding a talent show as part of a huge fundraiser. ” to inspire excitement before the big announcement.

The PTA served cookies and water during intermission only. “We tell the kids all the time, ‘You don’t have to be perfect,’” she says.

“It’s all about having fun doing something you enjoy.” Julie Morgavi wanted her school’s parent group, the Global Education Collaborative Alliance of Parents, Teachers, and Staff, to sponsor a talent show, but the idea was poorly received at first.

A talent show can be a great way to showcase your students, build their confidence, and bring your community together.

It’s a fun-filled event that appeals to elementary, middle, and high school students.

And she planned, starting with classroom visits to the 300-student school, several months before the show.

She tossed out ideas of the types of acts students could do, everything from playing the clarinet to singing a song to performing a dance routine.


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