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Are they the cold, emotionless tales that report facts and figures, rather like a business report? We want tears and laughter and shivers and breathlessness.

Or, are your favorite stories—books that you return to for a second read, novels you recommend—are they instead tales that have touched your emotions? We want to feel the more-than-normal emotions that fictional characters experience.

As stated by Prusak et al, “We often lament that there is just not enough money, support, or respect for our field to make a significant impact on American lifestyle decisions.” I definitely agree with the statement they are making here.

Health Enhancement teachers don’t have much respect, and that is somewhat our own fault because of the Health Enhancement teachers that are out there just to be coaches, that just teach the old ways and sit on the sidelines and are not good role models.“Yet, the generalist primary teachers enlisted to teach Health Enhancement curriculum often have minimal formalized background and content knowledge of Health Enhancement.” This cuts down on the opportunities for graduating Health Enhancement teachers who went through the training to teach students the best way to keep moving through the day and be healthy.

You’ll be proving that you’ve been moved at some point in your own life.

Writing to stir emotions may also rouse some of your own. Another thing that has happened is that Health Enhancement was being cut in a lot of schools and this reduction would not help the obesity epidemic.As stated by Prusak et al, “A stark reduction in required Health Enhancement time has been accompanied by a commensurate rise in child and youth obesity rates.” Now this new obesity epidemic is becoming more of a problem the reduction in Health Enhancement is being looked at more and it might be changing.Have you spent the early part of an evening devouring Stephen King and the remainder of the night in suspense, tense and trembling at every sound? Do books make you tremble with anger or steam at injustice? What about your nails—ever chewed them off during an intense read? If we didn’t, we’d be satisfied with the business report and the newspaper article and our magazines. Whether we intentionally write a scene to stir emotions or we go back and add words that engage the reader’s passions on a rewrite, we have to do it. Often we find books cold because the author hasn’t raised the emotional level. Details and description have their places, but emotions flavor a story.Do you laugh at Stephanie Plum’s antics, cry with Travis and Old Yeller? We’ve all read books that are technically perfect but emotionally barren. A whodunit can engage a reader’s mind and for some readers of mysteries, that may be enough. Transfer that feeling of loss over Fido to your character as she fights traffic, intent on getting to her child’s side in the ER, knowing that she’s already too late. Exacerbate the panic and fear and helplessness for the mother as tears blind her and her breath is stolen by terror.I am learning ways to help students understand health, and how everyday exercise can help them be healthy.I am learning the importance of making class active and fun for students so they will want to come to class and learn.Stated by Prusak et al, “It becomes even clearer that we must train teachers differently with a different end in mind.That end should be healthier kids, capable of managing their own lifestyle choices as children, and later as adults.” I found this article very interesting because they talk about how we need to teach new Health Enhancement teachers, and this is what I am already learning.Again stated by Prusak et al, “Because of increases in obesity, Health Enhancement is being looked upon with more favorable eyes than it has for decades.” This is a good thing for Health Enhancement teachers knowing that we are learning ways to help students become healthy children and hopefully they take what they learn into adulthood.If the students could take what they learn from Health Enhancement teachers and use it in everyday life then the obesity epidemic could start to slow down.


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