Essay Rubric Thesis Statement

There may be inadequate use of outside sources for support, or substandard interpretation and synthesis of that support.The analysis in such an essay may tend to the obvious, and as a consequence be less compelling, interesting, or sophisticated than an essay receiving “B” for its content.

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The content may make useful points and observations, but the paragraphs will be incomplete, perhaps even too brief.

The lack of transitions between paragraphs and within paragraphs will make for a lack of cohesion among the essay’s points.

The length of such an essay will be appropriate to the complexity of topic, even if that means a longer, more involved essay.

A “B” grade for the analysis and development will achieve the same goals as an “A” grade, but to a lesser extent, or with less success.

The development may wander off the topic, or it may turn to personal narrative for support and The content given the grade of “F” will reflect poor understanding of the assignment, or poor reading comprehension.

Essay Rubric Thesis Statement Asian Gothic Essays On Literature Film And Anime

It may lack complex development of the topic altogether, or it may go off the topic.

It may lack stages of development altogether and contain only a thesis statement.

Its topic may be confusing, unfocussed, or irrelevant to the assignment. It’s language skills, tone, and vocabulary are in need of sophistication.

If rhetorical modes are assigned for this essay, a “C” grade reflects the minimal attention to these modes.

This failing score indicates a need for improved organization and development overall.


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