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That’s where a rubric comes in handy: Rubrics give us score-able objectives.

That’s where a rubric comes in handy: Rubrics give us score-able objectives.They can be transformed into reliable teaching and learning tools for you and your students.

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When creating your expectations, use as few words as possible. Instead of: The student will be able to use vocabulary learned in previous classes, conjugating verbs correctly according to person and time, adding appropriate suffixes and prefixes and respecting correct word order, while using the most recent vocabulary learned in class in the correct fashion….

You’re looking for expectations that focus your attention.

If you use words like “appropriately,” make sure you have a clear idea what you mean: Each expectation will be slipped into the appropriate (there’s that word again! A student who achieves 9/10 will get a different score than one who only gets 3/10. Yes, we talked about these earlier—suggesting language like “needs work,” “good” and “excellent.” This will guide you when you’re explaining what you expect from your students at each level of performance.

Placing descriptive adjectives as titles for columns is a good place to start.

For example, if you’re grading essays, you might title each of your rows as: Keep these titles short and sweet.

They represent the main teaching points or objectives you have had in mind while preparing your classes.These will be the title cells, and having them in bold helps you to visually recognize your criteria.Rows Each row in your chart will be titled with the general area or objective that you’ll be assessing.If you’ve ever felt lost when grading a fistful of short essays, maybe you’ve been missing a rubric in your life!If you want your students to focus on specific aspects of role-play, writing a rubric can help you to outline what you expect when they’re acting out.Instead of simply identifying right or wrong, you’re looking at a specific aspect and judging if it’s “excellent,” “good” or “needs work.” If we combine the example rows for an essay rubric in the previous section with these, we’ll get something like this: We’ll look a bit more closely at these row and column titles in a moment. This is where you’ll explain what you mean when you think the student’s grammar is “excellent” or when their composition is simply “good” with specific expectation statements. An expectation is the performance you want from your student when they’re performing the task you’ve assigned to them.You’re not looking for errors they make but rather concentrating on how well they’re doing.Columns Title each column with a “value” of performance, using either a descriptive adjective, such as “excellent” or “good,” or a number, or a combination of both.This type of scheme is an expansion on the “right/wrong” answer scenario in a normal test.While being creative is fashionable in modern foreign language teaching, creating a rubric will actually begin with a pretty standard format.This format simplifies the seemingly complex task of assessing a task.


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