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Annabel Lee was a gorgeous young woman treasured by the narrator (Poe).

Annabel’s birth was decent as stanza one advocates that her relatives were noble.

The poem was Poe’s last work and reflected his true life circumstances, consequently confirming the fact that his works were mostly about his own experiences (Poe 1).

The poem refers to woman in Poe’s life, who most probably was in reminiscence of Virginia Clemm (Poe 1).

"Annabel Lee" can be analyzed in terms of Poe's theory and aesthetics and in terms of the qualities that made his work such a widespread and strong influence of other writers and on whole movements.

If I were writing about "Annabel Lee," I would take a a biographical approach.

While the losses in Poe's life through the deaths of beautiful beloved women--his mother, his friend's idolized mother, his young wife--is reflected in his poetry--just as his years living in England under the sway of Gothic influences is reflected in his poetry--his intellectual aesthetic of poetry is also reflected in his poetry since it is through this aesthetic theory that he builds his poetry.

An historical approach to discussing "Annabel Lee" might take the route...

The narrator stresses that even though they were only children, they were sincerely in love that even the angels noticed and were envious.

The narrator also blames the angels for killing his girlfriend, because apparently a wind came down from the clouds, which made Annabel Lee sick and eventually killed her (Poe 3).


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