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Some of the financial crises are as discussed here.

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This can be new technology or even interest rates that have proven to be of historically low ranking.

Typically, price rise at a slow rate after displacement.

Because so many people take part in it to gain a rare and beneficial chance, it grows at a faster rate.

Usually, in a bid to benefit from the opportunity, people do not exercise caution.

A real estate bubble is difficult to identify because it cannot be correctly estimated.

Economists have developed economic indicators which help people find out whether or not a home in a certain area is fairly valued.

It began with the credit crunch in mid 2007 following loss of confidence in the US financial system.

The crisis started with the bursting of the subprime mortgages bubble, collapse of financial institutions and bailout of companies by the government.

The borrowers then decided to sell off their mortgages.

There was a problem for there was no one to sell to as most of the borrowers were experiencing similar difficulties.


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