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Essay Questions In A-12
To begin writing in the hope that the right answer will somehow turn up is time consuming and usually futile.To know a little and to present that little well is, by and large, superior to knowing much and presenting it poorly--when judged by the grade it receives.Your instructor may give you specific directions how to write your answer.

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These adjustments might be to the character's physical surroundings, to other people, or to the customs and traditions of the society in which they live. Sometimes something as seemingly trivial as a meeting or a conversation between two people can have a lasting effect upon the life of one or even of both of them.

Discuss how either a seemingly unimportant meeting or a casual conversation brings about a significant change in the life of one of the characters in who changes significantly, telling specifically of the forces that bring about this change.

You might write a composition or you may wish to continue in Hansberry's genre, using the dialogue of the characters to show your plot. Noting Lorraine Hansberry's unique writing style, compare Walter Lee's imitation of a subservient, stereotypical begging "darky," (the heartbreaking speech he plans to deliver to Lindner in order to regain the lost money) with the speech that Walter Lee actually gives when Lindner arrives. What is Hansberry's point in having Walter Lee practice one speech and then say something completely different? After reading a full-length biography of Langston Hughes, show how he might have had a profound effect on Lorraine Hansberry's writing of . Research the following events of 1955 and tell how each might have contributed to Lorraine Hansberry's political philosophy: the arrest of Rosa Parks; Brown v.

Board of Education of Topeka; and the murder of Emmett Till. In order to be more aware of the historical events surrounding the opening of Raisin on Broadway, summarize the headlines of Removing #book# from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.

Discuss a character from who experiences loneliness because of the differences in his/her ideas, feelings, or circumstances. Often, in life, a situation may reach a "point of no return" — the point after which the life of a person can never be the same.

Essay Questions In A

Describe such a turning point for a character in Describe what you think happens next — after the Youngers have left their Southside Chicago apartment and have moved into their new house.

A neat bundle with a beginning and ending is very satisfying to the reader.

Be sure that your answer is direct and really answers the question.

Answers will come to mind immediately for some questions Write down key words, listings, etc. Otherwise these ideas may be blocked (or be unavailable) when the time comes to write the later questions.

This will reduce "clutching" or panic (Anxiety, actually fear which disrupts thoughts).


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