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Essay Questions For The Book 1984-25
North Korea is a really good reference for what totalitarianism.Orwell wrote "1984" for us, the future, in the hope we would recognize the signs and symptoms of tyrannical world government and prevent its establishment in our world. And, he was correct in seeing a future where the government had greater control but also a belief in the people’s ability to use language for dissent. I created four topics: Because these were all complex issues, I tried to help students by quoting relevant passages and asking lots of questions about subtopics.

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In other words: a government that tells you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why to do it. If you don't do as they say, there'll be huge consequences.

And many people think that his book, 1984, was almost a prophecy because a lot of the aspects of the book have actually happened and are happening.

Students support their reading of the work with evidence from the text.

However, this practice is a bit too open-ended for non-majors.

For ERWC, the writing assignment needs to have more focus.

A novel like 1984 is bristling with themes and big ideas to write about.In a college-level literature course for English majors, the general practice is to assign several novels or other works and then let the students decide what they want to write about.Usually, this involves choosing a theme, a motif, a set of symbols, a social issue, or other focus and examining how it plays out in a particular work or works.The third topic, about Big Brother’s control of the perception of reality through language and power, is at its heart an epistemological question. So as I revise the module for ERWC 3.0, one of my tasks is to create new writing prompts.My criteria are as follows: the prompt should Here is a list of possible new topics (linked here and pasted below).Please help me refine them by posting a comment: 1. In the course of the novel he has several interactions with the “proles” (short for “proletariat, essentially “the people”).How are the lives of proles and party members different?Each is like an equation, but how can one thing equal its opposite?Perhaps it would be better to ask “How can one thing lead to its opposite? Could absolute freedom make you a slave to your own desires?Think about how, when someone tells you that balloon is red, you believe it is and will continue to identify that balloon as being red. If all your friends call it red, and you're the only one who says it's pink, you are going against the grain. Just about everyone would prefer to be seen as agreeing, not causing a fuss, because to do so makes everyone else not just uncomfortable, but exposes them to the fact that there is actually another, and acceptable color the balloon can be.


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