Essay Questions About The Things They Carried

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Why does this shift in focus occur in this particular story?

Why are Vietnamese characters largely absent from the rest of the text? Although the work is supposedly about the Vietnam war, the final story focuses not on the war but on an episode from O’Brien’s childhood.

- The soldiers that fought in the Vietnam War had to endure many incredibly horrifying experiences.

It was these events that led to great human emotions.

[tags: The Things They Carried Essays] - For many people, religion is a very touchy subject.

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For most, it is a personal decision; people choose a faith that aligns with their beliefs, ideas, and faiths.

As stated in the portfolio requirements, "This should not only discuss an author's ideas but should also present the student's opinion and interpretation as distinct from the author's." Don't simply tell the story; construct an argument for a particular point of view about it.

Below are several topic choices for your to consider; if you have another topic in mind, please discuss it with me before proceeding.

Choose three characters from the stories to examine how these characters respond to their circumstances and the men around them.

What conclusions can you draw about men and war through these examples? People are usually profoundly changed by their experiences in war.


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