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How might citizens, jurors, neighbors and people of faith draw upon religious ideas in carrying out their civic responsibilities?

SESSION TWO: Religion, Justice and the Death Penalty JEAN BETHKE ELSHTAIN: The Pew Forum on Religion in Public Life Conference now turns to the theme: Religion, Justice and the Death Penalty.

Finally, it features the results of death penalty polls when broken down by particular faiths.

Jun 05, 2019 Four years after the racial­ly moti­vat­ed mur­ders of nine African-American parish­ioners at the his­toric Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June May 01, 2019 Christian church lead­ers from Catholic and Protestant denom­i­na­tions across Louisiana have called upon state law­mak­ers to pass leg­is­la­tion to end the death penal­ty in the Bayou State. Apr 05, 2019 Legal schol­ars and com­men­ta­tors across the polit­i­cal spec­trum have crit­i­cized the U. Supreme Court for its seem­ing­ly con­tra­dic­to­ry actions, less than two months apart, in two near­ly iden­ti­cal reli­gious free­dom claims from death-…

Over 500 people from around the country filled the Divinity School’s lecture hall and several overflow rooms to hear the speakers reflect on religion and the death penalty.

Provocative questions and profound reflections were offered by attendees and speakers alike throughout the day.

Facts & Research Leaders and organizations representing a variety of faiths have taken stances on the death penalty, often tying their views to beliefs about human dignity, retribution, and redemption. Historically, most major religious bodies allowed for the use of capital punishment, but criticism of the practice has greatly increased in recent times.

have frequently made statements about the death penalty, sometimes pointing out concerns about its application, and other times judging the morality of the punishment itself.

Special attention was given to the following guiding questions: In what ways do faith traditions and theological ideas shape how justice is conceived of and meted out?

How do positions both for and against the death penalty draw upon various theological understandings of justice?


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