Essay Peer Editing Checklist

The idea of editing and proofreading your own essays, let alone asking someone else to help, may be beyond comprehension. During the second pass, you’ll have a chance to readily understand what is being said.

In fact, you may think your essay is pretty fantastic already. If you don’t understand the content after two readings; there’s a problem the writer needs to know about.

Your process will vary depending on whether you’re working in groups in a classroom setting or taking someone else’s essay home to review more in-depth.

In either situation, the following approach can help you prove your editing prowess.

Your role is to help the writer ensure the essay is clear and compelling.

If you’re peer editing a friend’s essay, you may not want to hurt his or her feelings by pointing out areas where there is a lack of clarity.

I frequently refer to their peers' comments when I am writing my own comments on their drafts.

peer review Asian diaspora freshman seminar Students do a close reading of one another's drafts to provide insight into what has and has not been conveyed by the draft.

Hand them our handy tips and the great peer editing checklist.

So, once you’ve found the ideal peer editor, how can you get the most out of the exercise?


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