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Roderigo, on the defensive and trying to present himself and Iago as a unified front, casually refers to Othello as “the thick-lips.” This epithet is both an attempt to undermine Othello’s military achievements with a cheap stereotype as well as a way to pit Roderigo and Iago’s physical similarity against Othello’s unfamiliar appearance.Brabanzio, outraged at his daughter’s elopement, expresses disbelief that Desdemona could shun the curly-haired young men of Venice in favor of Othello’s “sooty bosom.” Brabanzio channels his own insecurity about his daughter’s loyalty to him by expressing sneering disgust about Othello’s race, implying that Othello’s blackness is a dirty coating that threatens to soil Desdemona’s purity.

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The floodgates have opened, and now Othello is in danger of believing all of Iago’s racist nonsense.

In the next lines, Othello compares himself to a toad living in a dungeon, as if he has begun to suspect that his blackness makes him a loathsome animal, somehow less than human.

While Othello is barraged by racism, he manages to resist its pull for some time. Othello discusses his race throughout the play—usually in response to something a white Venetian says—but here he makes his first negative reference to it, suggesting that perhaps his blackness is to blame for his lack of conversational ability.

It is a quiet moment, but a hugely significant one.

But eventually he internalizes Iago’s and others’ idea that his blackness makes him barbarous.

This belief, as much as his conviction of Desdemona’s guilt, allows Othello to kill his wife.

This play and, in fact, this world are full of victims of the "green-ey'd monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on," victims of jealousy (Shakespeare III, iii). e Iago uses Othello's weakness, his human emotions, against him to cause his tragic demise.

Along with jealousy, another element that leads to the d ...

"Jealousy...always converts human nature into chaos, and liberates the beast in man" (Scott 465).

Jealousy is perhaps one of the most prevalent themes in all of literature.


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