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Conditioning was tough, but I fought and fought and now I’m finally getting to live my dream on the basketball court.I can remember it was my first high school game ever.

That’s when I realized at that moment I would have to do whatever it takes to succeed. I love basketball, so I took the challenge of trying in school. If you want something bad enough, you will go after it.

I always dreamed of this day and now I finally get my chance to be more than just some person.

I went to my room and when i got there the door was open, I saw a tall black- skinned man with his back to me. ” and then when he turned around i said what the hell are you doin? The other coaches showed us some moves and other things.

Me and Bryon were put into different teams but it was fun playing against eachother and i enjoyed myself very much.

I starting crying because it was the last time I would set foot in that gym again, the last time I will walk out that gym with my jersey on.

I learned a lot and I thank everyone for making it possible for me to believe.

It was a rough day, but I had no pressure on me because coach already told me I had a spot on the team.

I started high school basketball with every intention to fail.

From then on, every time I stepped a foot in the gym, I felt the adrenaline rush hit me, but I was nervous, too.

The vibrations, the excitement, and the cheering, I never knew how this felt before.


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