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The deceptions come in many different guises, including deliberate deception, self-deception and others. Probably the most important and far reaching deception in the play is Viola’s disguise as a man, ‘Cesario’. She first disguises herself for protection in a foreign land, she wishes the sea captain to help her dress as a man so that she can find employment. If Viola had not perpetuated this deception she would not have met Orsino, and similarly Olivia and Sebastian may never have married.Viola’s disguise is of a high level, relating equally to its important consequences, how obvious and comical it is to the audience, and also that it is complicated and difficult to maintain, as Viola not only has to disguise her sex but also her origins of social class.

The plotters are eager to accept this out of their dislike for Malvolio and to humiliate him.

Twelfth Night is a play that depends on deceptions.

Without deception none of the plays major storylines could exist in the way that they do.

However its purpose is to create comedy for the audience.

This disguise is quite cruel in the way that it deceives Malvolio, but it is actually seen as funny by the audience and by other characters.


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