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If they do so, there will be fewer chances of accidents and traffic will move smoothly in the city and people will find themselves easy in driving.

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Our villages do not offer them the facilities and comforts of daily life.

They come to the big cities in search of jobs and modern facilities of life.

Traffic jams in the modern age reflect an ugly mark on the beautiful face of the city. In this age of‘science and technology, such jams cannot be favoured by anybody.

They are a denial of the cultural growth of a city.

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Life in a big city now-a-days has become very difficult and complicated.Government is doing little efforts to avoid traffic jams and other traffic problems in Pakistan.The rising number of smoke belching vehicles during the rush hours has left the traffic policemen gasping for a whiff of fresh air.The population in a big city is increasing very rapidly.People from the villages come to settle in the cities. In cities and towns there is traffic jam in many busy localities.In Chennai, one of the four metropolitan cities, traffic jam causes much hardship to the students and the office-goers.Traffic jams is another area where precious man hours get wasted and if anyone is heading for a hospital in case of an emergency, then the patient can only look up to God for mercy.The area for parking vehicles, in metros especially is constantly shrinking under pressure from the rising number of cars and bikes. Traffic police and media should play their role in creating traffic sense amongst the people.The buses, cars, motorbikes and Lorries have to proceed checking their speed now and then and stopping at the traffic signal points for some minutes.In the advanced countries like the USA there is the lane system and the vehicles, mostly cars, motorbikes, school buses and public transport buses, strictly follow the lane system.


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