Essay On The Need For Rainwater Harvesting

Essay On The Need For Rainwater Harvesting-5
Here are a few quick points followed by some key details for why rainwater harvesting is absolutely vital for making your local ecology thrive.Did you know that rainwater harvesting is a great way to: Most of us know that rainwater harvesting is good for the environment, but we need a little help articulating why. What if doing your part could be as easy as installing a few rain barrels?

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Benefit from the beauty of a healthy garden ecosystem, while the earth benefits from all that a healthy garden provides…

including cleaner air, carbon sink, pollinator habitat, and more! With a full understanding of the environmental benefits of rainwater harvesting, you can align with Mother Earth and start collecting rain today.

Although the earth is three-fourths water; very little of it is suitable for human consumption or agriculture.

Rainfall is unpredictable and there is a constant shortage of water in countries which are agriculture dependent or generally drought prone.3.

This is a global problem and needs a speedy solution. Rainwater harvesting is an easy and economical way to deal with this crisis.

The supply of fresh water in this planet cannot be increased. As men are becoming environment responsible, rain water harvesting is gaining popularity leading to eco-conservation and constructive use of natural resource.When you on your site, you prevent this from happening.There is a strong nexus between energy and water in our modern world.This is particularly applicable in hilly areas where it can be utilized for human consumption, by animals and also for farming.In remote areas, where surface pollution is comparatively low, rainwater harvesting is ideal.2.In the state of California, for example, heating, treating, and transporting water accounts for over 20% of per-capita energy use!When you reduce your reliance on pumped and treated water sources, you contribute to a collective savings in energy at the same time.If you’ve heard the mantra: When rainwater infiltrates onsite, it is filtered naturally by the earth, and is prevented from entering storm drains and surface waters as polluted runoff.Left unmitigated, rainwater sheets off hardscapes, collecting contaminants along the way.As you release it later (when the ground is no longer saturated), you allow that water to sink back into the ground where it belongs, hydrating soils and recharging the groundwater beneath us.In other words, you restore the broken infiltration link in the hydrologic cycle.


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