Essay On The Importance Of Female Education

She was always treated in a brutal manner and was generally regarded as the silly, sentimental and dull creature.It was a common belief that women were created only to please men.

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Besides this, she had to rear her children and serve her husband. She had to be respectful and submissive before men.

They were denied all sort of higher education and were strictly confined to the four walls of the house.

They can teach, train and bring up their children on the right lines.

They can advise their husbands and other members of the family in important property, business and professional matters.

For a very long time, she was unable to raise her status from a mere household drudge.

She was forced to run the house and do all its furnishing, cleaning, cooking, sewing, sweeping, dusting, washing and so on.Female teachers, doctors, social workers, government officers, and teachers are needed everywhere.Many of our schools and colleges for girls are without enough female teachers. Quite a few women stay outside the house to teach or work in government and private offices, hospitals, business centers, banks, and public places. They provide every comfort to their husbands and children.The fields of engineering, aviation (flying and airplane operation), agriculture and industry are open to women now.They can work in the home and work outside to earn money and to keep active in professions of their liking. In this way, they contribute to social and national progress. In the villages, they work side by side with men in the fields and look after animals at home.This terribly wrong perception caused immense loss to their self-dignity.But, at present, women have been playing major roles in politics, economy, household, society, and nation-building.


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