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The Creation of the Berlin Wall The end of World War II triggered the start of the Cold War.The victors of WWII, The United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union divided Germany and Berlin into four.The Allies decided that they would come together to form one country out of their three divided parts. After all the land was divided the Soviet Union controlled East Germany.

While West Berlin became a lively urban area like many American cities, East Berlin became what many thought of as a ‘Mini-Moscow’. The shelves in the stores were practically bare, and what was there was not in very good quality.

At first, the divisions between East and West Berlin were uncertain. For more than ten years after the official split of the city, East Berlin saw a major emigration of East Germans, unhappy with the communist system.

After the first world war Germany was punished heavily with reparations and having to reduce the size of their armed forces, and at the end of the second world war it would be no different.

Of course they had to pay reparations but the countries that fought with Hitler would also lose territory and Germany would be no different....

Even though Berlin lay deep within the Soviet sector, the Allies thought it would be the best to divide this capital. Since the Soviet Union was in control of the eastern half of Germany, they made East Berlin the capital of East Germany.

The other three counties were each in control of a small part of what was to be West Germany.

This happened during the Cold War; the cold war lasted for about 47 years.

The West side was democratic and the East side was communist.

In conclusion Berlin Wall was an important milestone in the growth of the Cold War.

It was the expansion that represented the thinking of a determined Communist system.


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