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Read More → Imagine this: A terrorist hacks into a commercial airplane from the ground, takes over the controls from the pilots and flies the plane into the ground.It sounds like the plot of some "Die Hard" reboot, but it's actually one of the possible scenarios outlined in a new Government Accountability Office report on security vulnerabilities in modern airplanes.

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It's certainly possible, but in the scheme of Internet risks I worry about, it's not very high.

I'm more worried about the more pedestrian attacks against more common Internet-connected devices.

But there's a problem with this line of reasoning: mission creep.

Read More → Swedish translation Terrorism causes fear, and we overreact to that fear.

They would have to be checked and put into the cargo hold. Read More → News that the Transportation Security Administration missed a whopping 95% of guns and bombs in recent airport security "red team" tests was justifiably shocking.

It's clear that we're not getting value for the billion we're paying the TSA annually.It'd be easy to feel powerless and demand that our elected leaders do something—anything—to keep us safe. We need to be angry and empathize with the victims without being scared.Read More → A core, not side, effect of technology is its ability to magnify power and multiply force—for both attackers and defenders.How could they have ignored such a dangerous person?How do we reform the intelligence community to ensure this kind of failure doesn't happen again?They're pure security theater: They look good without doing anything to make us safer.We're stuck with them because of a combination of buck passing, CYA thinking and fear.Read More → Leaks from the whistleblower Edward Snowden have catapulted the NSA into newspaper headlines and demonstrated that it has become one of the most powerful government agencies in the country.From the secret court rulings that allow it to collect data on all Americans to its systematic subversion of the entire Internet as a surveillance platform, the NSA has amassed an enormous amount of power. It's a normal part of life, but we're increasingly unwilling to accept it at any level. The problem is that technological security measures aren't free.The Department of Homeland Security is rumored to be considering extending the current travel ban on large electronics for Middle Eastern flights to European ones as well.The likely reaction of airlines will be to implement new traveler programs, effectively allowing wealthier and more frequent fliers to bring their computers with them.


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