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Children get an implicit and or explicit style is advocated to their systems on how they are going to deal with conflicts as they arise.

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The conclusion was that those infants aged between 8 and 16 months were associated with strong lower scores on tests of language development due to the watching of too much television programs and DVD's/videos.

This theory was also used for those videos that were baby oriented and not for other (Schwartz, 2007).

Individuals have different personal experiences when watching the television programs.

There are those children who detach themselves from the screen and view the program critically while some of them get terrified from just watching the fictional demonic stories presented by the characters.

To the toddlers (17 to 24 months), the same research was carried out but no positive or negative effects were found for any media forms viewed.

However, high language scores among this group are greatly associated with the daily reading routine and storytelling sessions followed by caregivers and parents.

There are several things that should linger in the minds of parents when they sit down with their family to watch a program.

Watching violent scenes in the television programs by youngsters makes them violent in nature.

Those children who watch television are more exposed to worldly knowledge and events of the nation as compared to those who listen to the radio programs.

Motion pictures on the young people has effects and thus should be dealt with seriously and immediately to avoid further forms of damage from occurring.


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