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For 20 years, he’s operated the Synesthesia List, an online forum, regularly cited by synesthesia experts and scientists.Day started scoring music in his early teens, composing by the colors he wanted to view and finding inspiration in fellow-synesthete Duke Ellington.Still, not everything she experiences is “synesthetically wonderful.” “I assure you that if I smell something really bad,” she explained, “it’s not anything anyone would want to see.” Steen describes the reaction as an immediate physical response.

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In college, however, Day realized his synesthesia was actually hurting his creativity.

“I focused way too much on my synesthetic colors,” he wrote in an essay for Oxford’s Handbook of Synesthesia.

For another, eating chocolate-covered raisins causes a sensation in the fingertips.

For a synesthete with “ordinal-linguistic personification,” the number 9 might be a bearded hipster, while someone else swears 9 is a high-ponytailed blonde. Greta Berman, a Juilliard art historian who studies synesthetic artists, explains synesthetes don’t just For Steen, five is cadmium yellow medium.

A 2013 paper in Graduate Center professor of psychology and the article’s lead author.

Nails on a chalkboard make us cringe; a buzzing mosquito makes us itch.

“The colors I see are more like colored light than paint pigment.” For example, At the same time, synesthesia can lead artists awry.

Sean Day is a musician who sees shapes, movements, and colors when he hears timbres.

“I was ignoring what I was learning about balancing orchestration,” Day explained, “and my music sometimes was ludicrous, like mandolins and So, by his mid-30s, when writing music, Day started either ignoring his synesthesia completely or, if the piece called for a solo, focusing only on that one color or texture, without trying to combine instruments.

Synesthesia does not make you a better artist, he said (emphatically and multiple times).


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