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Find the thing you like to do because when you like something you do it well." Prospects for women in space are huge, she adds."We have done equally as much as the guys have done.You see not only the artistic ways in which the Earth looks but also how it is changing.

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They also encouraged her to always have an open mind.

"' The sky is not the limit and you can do whatever you want to do and be what you can be,' they said.

That's why we have the international space station to test out some of that stuff.

She is a United States Naval officer and a NASA astronaut. Williams’ roots on her father’s side go back to Gujarat in India and she has been to India to visit her father’s family.

"And then of course, the modules themselves—the European module Columbus, the Japanese module Gem, the U.

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S laboratory, the Canadian arm, and the Russian side of the space station.

We need to know how to operate all those." With seven more interior modules, the space station is much bigger since Williams went there last.

"Six people on the crew instead of three has its pluses and minus.

There are more people to interact with but it's harder to get everybody together for dinner at night." Yes, the crew did find time every other week to share their favorite foods and have a "party" in space.

"You eat with a spoon and you never really need a fork or knife.


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